No Room

Dec. 18,2013 013
The wine was good; the inns were full that night in Bethlehem
Little did they know a King had come to visit them
“No room at the inn tonight,” the weary travelers heard
Too busy were the innkeepers to lend a kinder word
Save one who gave a second thought to the couple’s humble plight
And offered what he had to give, a stable for the night
We’ve heard the story many times and we sadly shake our head
He should have had the finest room, the softest feather bed
Yet how different is the welcome He receives this Christmas Day
From the one two thousand years ago with no place for Him to stay
When you hear His gentle knocking, does you heart’s door open wide
When He offered you salvation, did you bid Him “Come inside”
Or did you tell Him “Not today, I’ve got too much to do
You see, my schedule’s very full, there’s just no room for You”
Your eternity depends on your response to His request
You need only but to answer, He’s already done the rest
The day will come when each will find his sojourn here is done
Then we will do the knocking, calling on God’s only Son
Will He meet you there at heaven’s door with arms stretched open wide
Will you hear your Savior call your name and beckon you inside
Or will He sadly shake His head as regret begins to loom
“Your name’s not in my Book of Life, I’m sorry there’s no room”


© Sharon E.  Coleman 2013

…and another book was opened, which is the book of life…  Rev. 20:12


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