Christmas For Two

Dec. 18,2013 004

 Christmas for two after all of these years
Years filled with laughter, seasoned with tears
Traces of Christmases past tease my mind
With shadows that flicker and leave me behind
The house always bursting with laughter and cheer
Of family and friends from both far and near
But this year hints of a quieter note
As winter tries on her white Christmas coat
The children are gone with homes of their own
Yesterday they were babes, today they are grown
Family and friends, much loved though they be
This year won’t be able to sit ‘round our tree
So, together we tend to the holiday things
Adorning the house, checking lights on their strings
We shop for the children, and grandchildren too
Then take everything to the post office zoo
There’s caroling, parties, and even a play
Then the dawn of a sleepy, brand new Christmas Day
No patter of impatient feet in the hall
No “hurry! It’s Christmas!  Come on!” wake up call
Just a brunch made for two in the fire’s amber glow
As Christmas lights dance on the new fallen  snow
A call from the children full of holiday cheer
Make us wish they were home; well, maybe next year
An old Christmas movie, football and good food
Restore to our hearts the ‘holiday mood’
As darkness takes over its seasonal quest
The twinkling lights seem to say, “be our guest”
Our holiday haven, a respite so sweet
Hot tub and spiced cider now make it complete
Who knows what awaits holidays yet to come
If the Good Lord is willing, our kids will come home
But what ere future Christmases bring me and you
I’ll remember and cherish our Christmas for two


© Sharon E. Coleman 2013


    • Thanks, oh so much. Your poems are so fitting. What a great talent you have to put what so many of us feel into words. Merry Christmas to you and yours.


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