October Christmas

I feel the Christmas stirring when October rains begin
I try to keep it to myself, but it sneaks out now and then
I think about the Christmas lights and where I’ll put the tree
And my ever-growing family of Christmas bears…let’s see…
There’s sewing projects, more each year, where will I find the time
Since I’m working now… but thank you Lord, we do need every dime
I don’t know why this stirring starts at such an early date
Some would say it ludicrous; perhaps they’re right…but wait!
The focus of the season is the Christ Child sent to earth
In fact the very purpose is to celebrate His birth
The pageants and the plays enact the wonder of that night
The baby wrapped in swaddling clothes, bathed in holy light
Now I believe God’s word is true, and while I’m speaking on that score…
Was not the Savior, born that night … conceived nine months before?
Nine months of preparing, contemplating, making way
For her child, our precious Savior, born to us that awesome day
In fact the more I think about the parallels I’ve drawn
The more the realization of a new truth starts to dawn
October’s not too early, not at all! In fact I’d say
The earlier the better to prepare us for that day
So no more closet Christmas hymns, I’ll sing them when I choose
To prepare my heart and home, there simply is no time to lose
I may go home from work tonight and bake a pumpkin pie
In fact, next year I think I may start planning in July!
© Sharon E. Coleman 2013

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