The Christmas Calf    Andrew's GiftOver 25 years ago, I began writing poetry for special occasions, family milestones, and as an extension of my devotions.  I think I inherited my love for sharing stories and life lessons from my dad.

Although he has never stood before a traditional classroom, my dad is a natural teacher/story teller.  I have spent countless hours with him, surrounded by cattle, or riding in the beautiful wilderness areas in Washington and Idaho. I never tire of his stories. Even my teenage grandchildren love to sit at his feet and listen. His lessons aren’t intended to be lessons.  They simply flow from his experience and his gift for telling stories.

Such was the teaching style of our Lord. His lessons were always in context with his surroundings. And they still are. Hearing His voice in the midst of daily events never ceases to amaze and excite me.  Perhaps that is why I so often find myself writing about those lessons.

A few years ago, while working with my dad, the Lord showed me a beautiful allegory to His death on the cross.  That allegory became my first work of fiction, The Christmas Calf.  By chance (I really don’t believe in chance) a respected local author and artist happened to see this little story.  She was the first to encourage me to publish. The following year I wrote my second work of fiction, Andrew’s Gift.  It was written as a way to declare God’s unfailing grace and faithfulness to us, even when life is not kind. These two little books make wonderful gifts, or perhaps Christmas card alternatives. They are small and easy to read in one or two sittings.

While writing devotional material, life lessons, and poetry, I am working on my third work of fiction.  Please join me at My Kitchen Table, where there’s always room for another friend.