Most Priceless Gift

Though your bank account may dwindle and the grocery prices soar

Though the bills just keep arriving and the tax man’s at the door

Though the world may seem to stumble down a dark and dreary road

And you wonder if your shoulders can support your heavy load

I want to tell you something, listen close to what I say

For I bring tidings of good news and joy this Christmas day

The bank of His great faithfulness will never suffer loss

Our greatest debt He paid in full when He hung upon the cross

He is the light before us, so the darkness cannot stay

And He will shoulder all our woes, no matter what they weigh

So deck the halls with garlands of His everlasting love

And sing the songs proclaiming His arrival from above

May peace that passes circumstance reign within your hearts

May you embrace the hope He brings; that’s were the season starts

And when you think this Christmas simply will not be the same

Reflect on heaven’s priceless gift

Jesus is His Name


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