The Christmas Calf

The Christmas CalfWhat in the world was this geriatric nomad doing way out here in nowhere Montana in the middle of the night, in a snowstorm no less? Dale grumbled, as he opened the door. But what could he say? He couldn’t turn away a stranger in distress. That just wasn’t the cowboy way.

Jesus spoke to fishermen about becoming fishers of men, he spoke to farmers about planting seeds, and he spoke to shepherds about lost sheep. If he walked the earth today in human form, how do you suppose he would speak to a cowboy? Not an urban cowboy in fancy boots and hat, but a hard-as-nails, rugged cowboy of remote Montana cow country.

Dale belongs to that rare and iconic breed. After a long night of tending cows and calves, a stranded motorist named Clem invites himself into Dale’s company and hospitality. Though he seems to be an inconvenience, Clem begins a conversation that threatens to awaken God’s love in Dale’s weathered and hardened heart.

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