And I Will Rest

God has given me a difficult assignment, probably the most difficult of my life. But it is not because I am strong or wise.

God didn’t choose me because I am strong. He didn’t choose me for my wisdom, He didn’t choose me because I am confident or sure. He chose me because I am weak. He chose me because of my shortcomings. 

You see, in my weakness His strength is made perfect. When I am unsure (which is most of the time), His wisdom guides me. And when I am broken I will say, “ My God and Savior, though my heart is broken, though my path is strewn with pain and sorrow, though I do not see the light for the darkness that threatens me, yet will I praise You. I will sing Your praises in the morning. I will reach my hand to You, because Your strong right arm is my strength. I will train my ear to hear Your voice. When the night closes in around me and fear knocks at my heart’s door, I will put my trust in You, my strength and my shield. I will not fear the arrow by night, for You are my strong tower. You are my ever present help, my faithful, strong, loving, gracious God, and Your love endures forever!

So, like the Apostle Paul, I will gladly acknowledge my weakness, for in my weakness His strength is made perfect. And I will face each new day asking Him to be my wisdom, for without His wisdom I am undone. 

And I will rest. I will guard and cherish the secret place of His presence. I will dwell here beneath the shadow of His mighty wings. And I will rest.

2 Corinthians 12:9-10

James 1:5

Psalm 56:3

Psalm 91



The textures and the colors in this tapestry called life
Are found in each experience, whether it be joy or strife
How oft our human hearts see only tangles, knots and snares
And we wonder at the chaos caused by our worldly cares

At times, when threads are darker than we think they should be
We need God’s Word for guidance, His light that we might see
“O Father, give us wisdom, be our strength and light our way
We know You are the answer, please help us Lord,” we pray

My child, come sit beside Me, listen closely to My voice
You may see through earth bound eyes, or My eyes
It’s your choice.”

Your tapestry was woven with the people you have known
Each one a thread unique, with hues and textures of his own
You view the underneath side full of human faults and fears
But I the finished upper side, perfected through the years.
You see, I take each moment, every person, every strife
And stitch by stitch I finish it: your tapestry, your life

So look my child, look through my eyes, look down from here above
And see a work completed, full of beauty, stitched in love
And remember when you taste what seems a bitter pill to eat,
That your life needs yet another shade to make your tapestry complete.”

S Coleman 1998


To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under Heaven
Ecc. 3:1

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