My mom with two of her great-grandchildren
My mom with two of her great-grandchildren

I have several friends who have recently become grandparents, either again or for the first time. I wrote this poem when my grandchildren were very small. I wrote it with a heart so full of love it almost refused to lend itself to words. Finally, one phrase came into my mind, “aching loveliness.” I realized that those two words captured the ‘loving so much it hurts’ feeling of being a grandparent.  Finally I was able to put words to what my heart was feeling. So to my friends, those I have met and those I have not yet met, this is for you. Love them with abandon, love them now because tomorrow they will be grown.  Thank you Lord, for giving me the gifts of my beautiful, smart, awesome grandchildren.

God bless you my friends, and God bless grandchildren!

Have you ever been a grandma?  If you have you know it’s true
There’s nothing quite as wondrous as a grandchild…or two
Little girls with curly locks and eyes that sparkle blue
Or hair as straight as it can be and brown eyes soft and true
Or little boys that wriggle, never still except in sleep
“What makes things tick,” they want to know
“What makes the bull frogs leap?”
I’ve tried to quantify with words the stirrings deep within
When I think about those precious babes, but words simply can’t begin
To describe the aching loveliness of a grandchild’s warm embrace
Or the “I’m so glad to see you!” etched in a tiny face
To hear their silver laughter is to hear the angels sing
And to watch them while they’re sleeping is pure joy on heaven’s wing
In this world where satisfaction is as fleeting as a day
And peace of mind eludes us, leaving stress that seems to stay
I believe I’ve found an answer to the stress and all its harms
It’s more old fashioned rocking chairs, with grand babes in our arms
 © Sharon E. Coleman 2014


  1. Right on! Precious and so true. Thank you for sharing. Your gift of writing always touches my heart. Praise God! Thank you Sharon.


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