Children!  How they wound our hearts with thoughtless acts of youth
While searching for their place in life, they reject sound words of truth
Through sleepless nights we wrestle, knowing we must let them go
Dear Father, please watch over them, You know we love them so!
With sympathetic sigh He smiles at my plea and says
 “My child, I understand your pain, it’s the same that you cause me”
“How many times I’ve watched you choose your way instead of mine
I’ve longed to draw you close, but you won’t step across that line
The line called:  I surrender and I choose to trust that He
Who promised to be faithful will be nothing less to me
How can you trust Me with your child, when you’re holding on so tight?
Don’t you know I love you both, My way is always right
O Taste and see that I am Good!  I have given you My best
Begin by trusting Me with you, and I will do rest.”
In quiet revelation my heart begins to see
The growing pains my child endures must produce new growth in  me !
So Father, I surrender everything that I hold dear 
My heart, my home, my family, Your love will conquer fear
I give You each tomorrow, as it dawns I’ll make a choice
To look for Your direction, and listen for Your voice
I believe that what You promise, You are faithful to fulfill
As I trade in my agenda for Your precious perfect will
And as I watch my children make mistakes as they will do,
Even though my heart is aching, I will choose to trust in You
Knowing that you love them more than words could ere express,
You ask, “Will I surrender?”  What can I say but “Yes!”
© Sharon E. Coleman 2013

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