The Magic of the Dance

07.17.2013 012 When you dance...

I love the waltz. Years ago my husband and I took a ballroom dancing class at a local lodge. The teachers, Bob and Marian Murray, were long time family friends.

Because of his job, my husband could only attend every other week. So in his absence, Bob arranged to have one of the gentlemen in the advanced class act as my partner. When my substitute partners asked Bob how much I knew, Bob always replied, “Just go for it, and she’ll follow you.” Dancing with experienced partners kept me on my toes, as I tried to avoid stepping on theirs.

On the last night of class, Marian was ill and for some reason nobody showed up for class. Consequently, I spent the entire hour following Bob through advanced dance steps. I learned that when your partner knows how to lead well, following is easy, and really fun.

Bob has been with the Lord for many years now. But I have always remembered that night with fondness.  He could have just canceled the class, but he took the time to dance with his best friend’s daughter, and he did so with respect and genuine interest.


Lately I have been asking the Holy Spirit to teach me how to rest in the Lord. I know it is essential to my walk with Him that I learn to “be still and know that He is God.” However, I sometimes have a difficult time quieting my mind and calming my spirit.

In my quest for rest in Him, I am learning to hear His voice in a new way. His presence is sweet, and I am finding that He has quite a sense of humor. Mostly I am coming to appreciate how very much He loves me. I am His beloved, (and so are you). He truly wants to reveal Himself to us more vividly than we can imagine.

Last night I received a troubling phone call, and as the familiar ache began to build in my chest, I tried to give it to the Lord. I prayed and prayed and prayed. I woke several times in the night and tried again to lay the situation at His feet.

This morning during my coffee time with Him, I asked once more for His help in getting the conviction of His all sufficiency from my head to my spirit. I don’t want to worry and stress, but couldn’t seem to figure out how to reset the default.

As I sat in quiet supplication, I sensed the Holy Spirit dance into the room. Yes, he waltzed right into the room, and held out His hand to me. He bowed low and said, “Will you dance with me?”

Then with a mischievous smile He added, “Remember, when you dance with me, I lead. You follow.

With wondrous joy I realized He was giving me the ‘how’ for which I had been looking. The heaviness in my chest evaporated as I lost myself in the dance.

Now I’m learning the magic of the dance. The dance is therapeutic, the dance is melodious, and the dance is relaxing. While we are dancing, I cannot run ahead, nor lag behind. I must simply follow His lead. If I try to anticipate His next step, I will miss what He’s doing now.

I can’t help but think back to that evening so many years ago when I danced with my dad’s best friend. Yes indeed, when your partner is a good leader, following is easy and fun.

© Sharon E. Coleman 2013


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