Hidden Treasures

Hidden treasures, acts of love I overlook each dayHidden Treasures
God’s grace, a pearl so priceless not one of us could pay
Have I grown so accustomed to His matchless faithfulness
That I fail to recognize it?  The answer oft is yes
A friend when days are troubled, knowing what I need
My plea though left unspoken, is what she seems to heed
A child’s golden laughter, causing me to pause
And smile in pure enjoyment, simply ‘just because’
My days are filled with God things, hidden in plain sight
While I with blinders snugly fit, look neither left nor right
Oh Lord, remove the blinders and cause my eyes to see
Your hand in daily day events, wrapped in simplicity
Help me hear your still small voice and whisper in reply
Through eyes once blind I see you Lord, I nearly passed you by!
©Sharon E. Coleman 2013

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