He Saw Me

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This morning as I was meditating on the absolute goodness of God, I was overcome with gratitude and the tears began to flow. I suddenly had a mental flash back to an incident years ago.

Each summer when they were young, my children spent six weeks with their biological father. It was a difficult time for my daughter for several reasons, not the least of which was old fashioned home-sickness.

One summer while they were away, Mike and I decided to ‘re-do’ their bedrooms to surprise them when they returned home.   We did Joel’s in NFL theme and he loved it. Tami’s reaction was, however, unexpected. I had created for her the bedroom I always wanted when I was a little girl, complete with canopy bed and homemade ruffled curtains.

When she walked into her room she stopped, stood there for a minute and began to cry.

“Well that went well,” I thought. “She hates it.”

Then she said between hiccups, “You didn’t have to do so much!”

What I had interpreted as displeasure, was exactly the opposite. She liked it so much she was overwhelmed.

That’s how I feel this morning before my loving, generous Heavenly Father. He didn’t have to do so much! But He did it anyway, because He loves me that much!

He gave His only begotten Son so I could spend eternity with Him. He gave me the presence of Holy Spirit to guide, teach and comfort me. He protects me (yes, Psalm 91 again), He is the gift that really does keep on giving, and giving, and giving.

Words will never be able to thank Him enough for His great generosity to me. When I think about it, I am simply reduced to tears of humility and overwhelming gratitude.

Dear Jesus, Blessed Savior, God’s Dear Begotten Son
What made You whisper, “Father, not my will,  but Thine be done?”
Did You see the coming anguish? Did You see what they would do?
He looked at me and smiled, “My child, I saw you”

Hebrews 12:2…for the joy that was set before Him, He endured the cross…


© Sharon E. Coleman 2014




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