Like October Fog…

Hen Fest Pics 002

I love Autumn. I love the changing colors, the light sweater days, the smell of damp fallen leaves…and October fog.

October fog isn’t like January fog that freezes to the roads and chills me to the bone. October fog whispers of the changing season. It gently folds itself around the valleys like my mother’s old flannel blanket. I love to watch as it slowly lifts, revealing outlines and shapes, then clarity of landscape.

When driving in fog, which I try to avoid, one must keep one’s lights on low beam. High beam lights will simply reflect back into your eyes making it even more difficult to see.

I am learning that to seek the Lord on a particular subject is often like driving in fog. When I try too hard, I become blinded by my own perceptions and opinions. Striving, or becoming anxious and stressful, will only hinder my ability to see or hear from Him.

I am also learning to enjoy the process. Oh how rich the process! I don’t want to miss a single tidbit of what God has planned for me, because I am striving for an answer.

Isaiah 30:15 says, “In returning and rest you shall be saved. In quietness and confidence shall be your strength.”

In quietness and confidence shall be my strength. I am absolutely confident that if God doesn’t answer immediately, He will always answer eventually. And in between the asking and the answer, I get to discover the riches of His love for me.

So I will sit back and rest in the secret place of His embrace. I will watch as He reveals outlines and shapes, then clarity of landscape. And I will enjoy the process, while He gently folds Himself around me and whispers in my ear…

…like October fog.


© Sharon E. Coleman 2014



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