The Gift

Joel in uniformjpeg
It was my son’s first Christmas away from home after joining the army. How could I send him a little bit of home, a little bit of me? As was my habit, I began to write my thoughts. This poem was the result.  I printed and sent him a full sized copy, but I also printed a wallet sized copy and had it laminated so he could carry it in his wallet to remind him of home and how much he was loved. 
He’s been out of the army for several years now, but I believe he still carries that wallet sized copy. It won’t wear out or weaken, it will never fall apart… 
There’s one gift you will never find beneath the Christmas tree
It can’t be tied with ribbons; it’s too big for that you see
It’s been around for ages, though it never fades with time
Its worth is beyond measure, yet it never cost a dime
It won’t wear out or weaken; it will never fall apart
You can always take it with you; simply pack it in your heart
The gift of which I speak my son, is the love and joy and pride
Of a mother for her “Soldier Boy” that will not be denied.
They say women love a uniform, and I’d have to say that’s true
But the one that makes my heart stand still
Is the one that’s worn by you
So go where duty calls you, whether near or far away
Remember I’ll be with you, every morning when I pray
And remember, also, you won’t find this gift beneath the tree
For all the trees in all the world couldn’t hold this gift from me
I love you,


©Sharon E. Coleman 2013


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