Christmas Morning

Jonahc     I share this every year, and the truth of it is still relevant. Just this week we saw on the news that a young boy was reunited with his mother after being held hostage and abused for four years. I love the Christmas season, but I want to be sensitive to those for whom it is a hard, sad time. As we thank God for our many blessings, won’t you join me in remembering and praying for those who are in prison, away from home, poor, homeless, or caught in the web of sin. addiction and hopelessness. It was for all of us that Jesus came, and it is for all of us that He lives. Blessings to you.

 Through softly floating snow flakes
He watched day fade to night
The house across the street lit up
The star on top shone bright
He pressed his tiny face against
The glass so he could see, the lights
That danced and sparkled
On his neighbor’s Christmas tree
He wondered what the world was like
For other girls and boys
Who woke up Christmas morning
To a Christmas tree and toys
He imagined how his mom and dad
Would smile and draw him near
And how they’d all have dinner
Cooked up with Christmas cheer
His mouth turned up in pleasure
At the picture he could see
Of a happy, normal little boy
But it was not to be…
The angry voices rose beyond
His bedroom door shut tight
His tiny body trembled
And his fantasy took flight
As the distant siren sounded
And his tears began to fall
He wondered where he’d be
When Christmas morning came to call
© Sharon E. Coleman 2013

 The preceding poem may not warm the cockles of your heart, but for all too many boys and girls it is reality.  This Christmas, won’t you please do what you can to help?  Put an extra dollar in the Salvation Army bucket; donate an extra toy to Toys for Tots; give to your local food bank or charity; adopt a child or a family for Christmas.  Pray for those who are locked in the bondage of poverty or domestic abuse.  And may God bless you and yours, even as your soul prospers (3 John 2).






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