Beauty For Ashes

Beauty for ashes?  Surely that can’t be
He wouldn’t want the ashes of my life if He could see
Give me some time to clean it up, I’m not ready for His gaze
Besides, it’s safely locked away, just give me a few days
The oil of joy for mourning?  Why I’m not sad, I’m having fun
Except when I’m alone at night, don’t tell a soul – not one
They say that time will heal the wounds, I don’t really need His touch
Besides, it’s safely locked away, it doesn’t  hurt, not much
The clothing of praise for the heaviness I feel?
That sounds too “spiritual” for me, why can’t we just be real?
Sure, I get depressed from time to time, but doesn’t everyone?
Besides, it’s safely locked away, I can’t undo what’s done
                                  DSCN0223 (1)
“My child, you can’t wash away the ashes of your life
The soot and grime will settle in your pores and cause more strife
I know you think they’re locked away and in fact you’ve lost the key
But my love for you has never stopped, my child, the key is me
Time alone will never heal the wounds you have endured
It will only make you bitter, dear one, please heed My Word
You can lock away the pain and tell yourself no one can see
But locks bring only bondage and I long to set you free
The cloak of praise for heaviness; no promise is so real
Let Me give peace and rest at night for the darkness that you feel
Just let Me take the ashes of your life, release your hold
I will make of them a beauty more precious that pure gold
My child, the joy you give to Me is more than words can say
Please take the joy I offer you, and mourning cannot stay
And finally My daughter, whom I have loved with My own life
let Me take away the pain and teach you how to conquer strife
Let Me fill your mouth with laughter and your heart with simple praise
As I teach you more about My love, and dissipate the haze
Of all the ‘stuff’ that weighs you down, can’t get more real than that
It’s not about religion, I simply know just where you’re at
Don’t think you have to change yourself to fit some ‘Christian mold’
I created you to be unique, a beauty to behold
Just let me take your hand; lead you into truth and light
My love will heal your broken heart and chase away the night
Then the beauty that is locked beneath the ashes of your soul
Will shine forth for the world to see, My love will make you whole”
©Sharon E. Coleman 2013