Tomorrow’s Memories

My children are now grown and gone100_2357c
With children of their own
I sometimes wonder, looking back
What memories I’ve sown
Do they remember playing fox and geese
And making angels in the snow?
Or walking in the springtime
Where the wild flowers grow?
Do they think of love and laughter
When their childhood they recall
Or is there simply nothing there
No memory at all?
As we tend our daily duties
Late to bed and early waking
We need to realize
Tomorrow’s memories we’re making
Your children won’t remember
What you gave them as they  grew
When they look back upon today
What they’ll recall is you
So please slow down and take a look
At that child climbing trees
Hold a hand or take a walk
And make tomorrow’s memories

© Sharon E. Coleman 2013



  1. Sharon, Of course, your ‘Summer Memories” made me cry..
    Love you

  2. LOVE the poem with the picture could I not?

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