The Gift

Joel in uniformjpeg
It was my son’s first Christmas away from home after joining the army. How could I send him a little bit of home, a little bit of me? As was my habit, I began to write my thoughts. This poem was the result.  I printed and sent him a full sized copy, but I also printed a wallet sized copy and had it laminated so he could carry it in his wallet to remind him of home and how much he was loved. 
He’s been out of the army for several years now, but I believe he still carries that wallet sized copy. It won’t wear out or weaken, it will never fall apart… 
There’s one gift you will never find beneath the Christmas tree
It can’t be tied with ribbons; it’s too big for that you see
It’s been around for ages, though it never fades with time
Its worth is beyond measure, yet it never cost a dime
It won’t wear out or weaken; it will never fall apart
You can always take it with you; simply pack it in your heart
The gift of which I speak my son, is the love and joy and pride
Of a mother for her “Soldier Boy” that will not be denied.
They say women love a uniform, and I’d have to say that’s true
But the one that makes my heart stand still
Is the one that’s worn by you
So go where duty calls you, whether near or far away
Remember I’ll be with you, every morning when I pray
And remember, also, you won’t find this gift beneath the tree
For all the trees in all the world couldn’t hold this gift from me
I love you,


©Sharon E. Coleman 2013


Sweet Assurance

Take joy my soul in Christ The King
As praise becomes my offering
And if distress this day should come
Joy will remain in Christ the Son
When day gives way to dark of night
With spirit wings of sheer delight
I’ll ride on chariot of praise
The sword of promise I will raise
As sweet assurance bids me sing
I’m His beloved, He is my King!
© Sharon E. Coleman 2013

October Christmas

I feel the Christmas stirring when October rains begin
I try to keep it to myself, but it sneaks out now and then
I think about the Christmas lights and where I’ll put the tree
And my ever-growing family of Christmas bears…let’s see…
There’s sewing projects, more each year, where will I find the time
Since I’m working now… but thank you Lord, we do need every dime
I don’t know why this stirring starts at such an early date
Some would say it ludicrous; perhaps they’re right…but wait!
The focus of the season is the Christ Child sent to earth
In fact the very purpose is to celebrate His birth
The pageants and the plays enact the wonder of that night
The baby wrapped in swaddling clothes, bathed in holy light
Now I believe God’s word is true, and while I’m speaking on that score…
Was not the Savior, born that night … conceived nine months before?
Nine months of preparing, contemplating, making way
For her child, our precious Savior, born to us that awesome day
In fact the more I think about the parallels I’ve drawn
The more the realization of a new truth starts to dawn
October’s not too early, not at all! In fact I’d say
The earlier the better to prepare us for that day
So no more closet Christmas hymns, I’ll sing them when I choose
To prepare my heart and home, there simply is no time to lose
I may go home from work tonight and bake a pumpkin pie
In fact, next year I think I may start planning in July!
© Sharon E. Coleman 2013



Children!  How they wound our hearts with thoughtless acts of youth
While searching for their place in life, they reject sound words of truth
Through sleepless nights we wrestle, knowing we must let them go
Dear Father, please watch over them, You know we love them so!
With sympathetic sigh He smiles at my plea and says
 “My child, I understand your pain, it’s the same that you cause me”
“How many times I’ve watched you choose your way instead of mine
I’ve longed to draw you close, but you won’t step across that line
The line called:  I surrender and I choose to trust that He
Who promised to be faithful will be nothing less to me
How can you trust Me with your child, when you’re holding on so tight?
Don’t you know I love you both, My way is always right
O Taste and see that I am Good!  I have given you My best
Begin by trusting Me with you, and I will do rest.”
In quiet revelation my heart begins to see
The growing pains my child endures must produce new growth in  me !
So Father, I surrender everything that I hold dear 
My heart, my home, my family, Your love will conquer fear
I give You each tomorrow, as it dawns I’ll make a choice
To look for Your direction, and listen for Your voice
I believe that what You promise, You are faithful to fulfill
As I trade in my agenda for Your precious perfect will
And as I watch my children make mistakes as they will do,
Even though my heart is aching, I will choose to trust in You
Knowing that you love them more than words could ere express,
You ask, “Will I surrender?”  What can I say but “Yes!”
© Sharon E. Coleman 2013

Hidden Treasures

Hidden treasures, acts of love I overlook each dayHidden Treasures
God’s grace, a pearl so priceless not one of us could pay
Have I grown so accustomed to His matchless faithfulness
That I fail to recognize it?  The answer oft is yes
A friend when days are troubled, knowing what I need
My plea though left unspoken, is what she seems to heed
A child’s golden laughter, causing me to pause
And smile in pure enjoyment, simply ‘just because’
My days are filled with God things, hidden in plain sight
While I with blinders snugly fit, look neither left nor right
Oh Lord, remove the blinders and cause my eyes to see
Your hand in daily day events, wrapped in simplicity
Help me hear your still small voice and whisper in reply
Through eyes once blind I see you Lord, I nearly passed you by!
©Sharon E. Coleman 2013

Tomorrow’s Memories

My children are now grown and gone100_2357c
With children of their own
I sometimes wonder, looking back
What memories I’ve sown
Do they remember playing fox and geese
And making angels in the snow?
Or walking in the springtime
Where the wild flowers grow?
Do they think of love and laughter
When their childhood they recall
Or is there simply nothing there
No memory at all?
As we tend our daily duties
Late to bed and early waking
We need to realize
Tomorrow’s memories we’re making
Your children won’t remember
What you gave them as they  grew
When they look back upon today
What they’ll recall is you
So please slow down and take a look
At that child climbing trees
Hold a hand or take a walk
And make tomorrow’s memories

© Sharon E. Coleman 2013


Dawn’s Threshold

 The threshold of dawn, a new day is near024
My eyes are still heavy with sleep
With coffee in hand I whisper Your name
And Your fragrance makes my heart leap
Come sit down beside me, lay your head on my breast
Let the cares of this world slip away
As the night yields to morning, let Me fill you with peace
Let your heart receive strength for the day
Oh Father, my Father, in Your presence I weep
Just to know that You call me Your own
My soul scarce can fathom the wonder of You
And the mercy I find at Your throne
©Sharon E. Coleman 2013

Beauty For Ashes

Beauty for ashes?  Surely that can’t be
He wouldn’t want the ashes of my life if He could see
Give me some time to clean it up, I’m not ready for His gaze
Besides, it’s safely locked away, just give me a few days
The oil of joy for mourning?  Why I’m not sad, I’m having fun
Except when I’m alone at night, don’t tell a soul – not one
They say that time will heal the wounds, I don’t really need His touch
Besides, it’s safely locked away, it doesn’t  hurt, not much
The clothing of praise for the heaviness I feel?
That sounds too “spiritual” for me, why can’t we just be real?
Sure, I get depressed from time to time, but doesn’t everyone?
Besides, it’s safely locked away, I can’t undo what’s done
                                  DSCN0223 (1)
“My child, you can’t wash away the ashes of your life
The soot and grime will settle in your pores and cause more strife
I know you think they’re locked away and in fact you’ve lost the key
But my love for you has never stopped, my child, the key is me
Time alone will never heal the wounds you have endured
It will only make you bitter, dear one, please heed My Word
You can lock away the pain and tell yourself no one can see
But locks bring only bondage and I long to set you free
The cloak of praise for heaviness; no promise is so real
Let Me give peace and rest at night for the darkness that you feel
Just let Me take the ashes of your life, release your hold
I will make of them a beauty more precious that pure gold
My child, the joy you give to Me is more than words can say
Please take the joy I offer you, and mourning cannot stay
And finally My daughter, whom I have loved with My own life
let Me take away the pain and teach you how to conquer strife
Let Me fill your mouth with laughter and your heart with simple praise
As I teach you more about My love, and dissipate the haze
Of all the ‘stuff’ that weighs you down, can’t get more real than that
It’s not about religion, I simply know just where you’re at
Don’t think you have to change yourself to fit some ‘Christian mold’
I created you to be unique, a beauty to behold
Just let me take your hand; lead you into truth and light
My love will heal your broken heart and chase away the night
Then the beauty that is locked beneath the ashes of your soul
Will shine forth for the world to see, My love will make you whole”
©Sharon E. Coleman 2013