June 18, 2014 074
The textures and the colors in this tapestry called life
Are found in each experience, whether it be joy or strife
How oft our human hearts see only tangles, knots and snares
And we wonder at the chaos caused by our worldly cares
Sometimes the threads are darker than we think they should be
And the clouds around our circumstance make it difficult to see
“O Father, give us wisdom, be our strength and light our way…
We know You are the answer, please help us Lord, we pray.”
 “My child, come sit beside Me, listen closely to My voice
You may see through earth bound eyes of man, or My eyes…
its your choice
Your tapestry was woven from experiences known
Each one a thread unique, with hues and textures of its own
You view the underneath side full of human faults and fears
But I the finished upper side, perfected through the years
You see I take each moment, every person, every strife
And stitch by stitch I finish it:  your tapestry,  your life
So look my child, look through My eyes, look from my seat above
And see a work completed, full of beauty, stitched in love
And remember when you taste what seems a bitter pill to eat
That your life needs yet another shade to make your tapestry complete”
© Sharon E. Coleman 2014

Ecc. 3:1

To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under Heaven


The Eyes of the Beholder


Have you ever read a particular scripture that speaks to you over and over again? By that I mean, you glean numerous and different truths from the same passage? An inheritance word is a passage of scripture that leaps off the page and grabs your spirit, speaking to your own personal journey. That is a word God has chosen for you to hang your hat on, a promise you can take to the bank. And if you will truly begin to mine it, you will hear God speaking to you not just once, but over and over and over. And He will not say the same thing every time! Like looking at a finely cut diamond, you will see different facets of God’s plans for you as you look at your inheritance word from different perspectives.

Recently my daughter took a random picture with her cell phone. When she posted it on Facebook, it took my breath away. It had the effect on my spirit that an inheritance word has. As I began to ask the Lord what He was saying to me through this picture, He gave me three different and distinct interpretations.

Legacy: This interpretation was for my father. My dad is an eighty four year old cowboy. He has mentioned to me on numerous occasions that when he is gone, the things he has cherished, his love of horses, etc., will be forgotten and nobody will care. But as I looked at this picture, the Lord told me to give it to my dad as a symbol of the legacy he leaves behind. The young girl in the picture is my youngest granddaughter, his great-granddaughter. Here is what the Lord told me to write and include with the picture:

The best of me upon this sod is not through toil, but hand of God

So when He calls and I am gone, the best of me will linger on…

Brilliant. God so gets and loves my dad!

Inheritance: I am a member of a group called The Warrior Class. We are learning to be warriors in God’s army. It is an incredible journey and many of its members operate in the prophetic. One of them saw this picture, and sent me this word for my granddaughter, she writes, “This is incredibly beautiful and it made me think of Zechariah 10:3b. I felt this was a prophetic sign for what she will become.”

“For the Lord of hosts has visited His flock, and the house of Judah. And will make them like His majestic horse in battle.”

Savannah Rose Brown, Warrior Princess? Awesome.

Ebb: One of the things I am learning as a warrior, is the importance of rest.  It is undoubtedly one of the most important principles we learn. One of my own inheritance words is Psalm 91: “He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty…”

Along with the principle of always remaining and abiding in His place of rest, it is imperative that we learn to take specific, set aside times to simply step away from the fray and soak in His majesty and rest. We call those times, ebb. As a group, we take periodic worship ebbs. For a set amount of time, we step away from the flow of learning, studying, and processing what it means to be a Warrior in God’s army. Those times are incredible As I take the time to simply be in His breathtaking presence, and soak in the tenderness and passion of God’s love for me, I find my own worship and love for Him rising to new levels. It allows me to return to our assignments with renewed vigor and fresh perspective. Hosea 2:14-15 says, “Therefore, behold, I will allure her, will bring her into the wilderness and speak tenderly to her. I will give her her vineyards from there, and the Valley of Achor as a door of hope…”

The Word tells us that Jesus Himself often withdrew to pray and be with His Father, Luke 5:15-16 says, “However, the report went around concerning Him all the more, and great multitudes came together to hear, and to be healed by Him of their infirmities. So He Himself often withdrew into the wilderness and prayed.

For me personally, this picture speaks of ebb. It represents that time between the battles when I simply get to bask in the awesomeness and peace of His presence.


At the very least, the picture is an anointed capturing of a special moment. Does it speak to you? What does it say? What do you do when a passage of scripture or something you see causes your spirit to stir within you? If you don’t already do so, I encourage you to stop, ask the Lord what He is telling you, write it down. You will be amazed at the things He wants to show you, tell you and share with you. He is indeed an incredibly awesome, brilliant, fun (sometimes funny), surprising and ever so faithful God. Enjoy your journey!


© Sharon E. Coleman 2014

To learn more about The Warrior Class, go to http://twclass.org/



My mom with two of her great-grandchildren

My mom with two of her great-grandchildren

I have several friends who have recently become grandparents, either again or for the first time. I wrote this poem when my grandchildren were very small. I wrote it with a heart so full of love it almost refused to lend itself to words. Finally, one phrase came into my mind, “aching loveliness.” I realized that those two words captured the ‘loving so much it hurts’ feeling of being a grandparent.  Finally I was able to put words to what my heart was feeling. So to my friends, those I have met and those I have not yet met, this is for you. Love them with abandon, love them now because tomorrow they will be grown.  Thank you Lord, for giving me the gifts of my beautiful, smart, awesome grandchildren.

God bless you my friends, and God bless grandchildren!

Have you ever been a grandma?  If you have you know it’s true
There’s nothing quite as wondrous as a grandchild…or two
Little girls with curly locks and eyes that sparkle blue
Or hair as straight as it can be and brown eyes soft and true
Or little boys that wriggle, never still except in sleep
“What makes things tick,” they want to know
“What makes the bull frogs leap?”
I’ve tried to quantify with words the stirrings deep within
When I think about those precious babes, but words simply can’t begin
To describe the aching loveliness of a grandchild’s warm embrace
Or the “I’m so glad to see you!” etched in a tiny face
To hear their silver laughter is to hear the angels sing
And to watch them while they’re sleeping is pure joy on heaven’s wing
In this world where satisfaction is as fleeting as a day
And peace of mind eludes us, leaving stress that seems to stay
I believe I’ve found an answer to the stress and all its harms
It’s more old fashioned rocking chairs, with grand babes in our arms
 © Sharon E. Coleman 2014

What Are You Missing?

morning walk 011b

I am teaching our four year old lab-mix to stay by my side when we go for a walk. I have asked myself many times why I didn’t do this when she was four months old rather than four years, but it is what it is.

Angel thinks deer are intruders that need to be driven from her presence. We have never let her chase them, but when she sees them, she rants and raves and carries on like crazy.

It is a rare day that we don’t see at least one deer on our walk, and every time we do, she lunges against the leash, panting to give chase. I am trying to teach her to observe them calmly. Right. She’s a Lab. But I digress.

This morning we had a smorgasbord of deer sightings. First we saw five white tail deer. I am thankful that I have always sighted them before she does, so I have always been prepared for her reaction. She continued to pull and lunge on the leash even after they were well out of sight. I sort of dragged her with me as we continued to walk, but she was trying her best to follow them.

As we rounded a corner, I spotted half a dozen mule deer in the road ahead of us. I said to her, “Angel girl, you’re so focused on what is gone that you’re going to miss the awesome thing just ahead.”

The Lord spoke to my heart and said, “Good advice, daughter. And it is straight from my heart.”

Don’t you just love those head slap moments with the Lord?

You see, we are trying to get our house sold, and although the buyer hasn’t been revealed to us yet, we know God has already appointed one for us. So we have been passively looking for a house in the Spokane Valley in order to be prepared when He brings the buyer. Problem with looking, even passively, is that you are inclined to find houses that you like. Really like. So far we have found two, both of which have been snapped up by others since we are not yet in a position to make a viable offer. The second house was even better than the first, and at the same price as the first. And even though we know that this is what may happen, and we think we are prepared, when it happens we are disappointed. The disappointment makes it difficult to keep looking.

The piece de resistance? At the point in our walk where we usually turn around and head back home, there is an old, long vacant, house above the road. As we approached it, we were treated to a veritable deer star-burst. They burst in all directions from behind that old house. It was so cool to watch them. There must have been at least a dozen of them. Okay, Angel still wanted to chase them, but she was a little better, a little calmer. We stood there and watched until the last one disappeared from view. Yep, I would not have wanted to miss it. And I can’t wait to see where God ultimately leads us. It will be His best for us, and it will be in complete alignment with His purposes for us.

Love walking with my Lord.

Phil 3:13-14 …forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead, I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ

I didn't have my camera ready. I only got the last one.

I didn’t have my camera ready. I only got the last one.

© Sharon E. Coleman 2014




Blessings to You

irises 005b


Recently, I received a comment about one of my posts. It was from a friend whom I had not seen in years. His comment was candid and poignant; and it touched me deeply.

I was reminded of the great privilege and honor you afford me when you allow me into your lives for a few minutes each month. So this week, I just want to tell you how much I appreciate you. In this world of social media, we are bombarded with stimulation, information, and thought provoking data. Yet, you have graciously chosen to listen to the muses of a simple grandmother who loves God with a passion. This humbles me to tears.

May grace and peace be multiplied to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. I thank my God upon every remembrance of you.

In Him,








Thrice His

04.28.2014 008b

We are packing. The house hasn’t sold yet but it will, God has told me so. In preparation, we’re moving some things into storage close to our planned destination.

I was in the barn looking at a stack of boxes, when my attention was drawn to a rope that my husband was using to bundle something.  It was a three strand rope, very strong.

As I studied the three strands of that rope, the Lord spoke to my heart, “You are thrice mine.” I thought about it, and realized I do indeed have three sets of fingerprints on my spirit, proof of His indelible touch.

You see, God created me. Psalm 139:16 tells me, “Your eyes saw my substance being yet unformed. And in Your book they all were written…” That means I was created with God’s fingerprints on my spirit.  Once His. Awesome.

God saved me and gave me eternal life. In Hebrew’s 12:2 I read,”…Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross…”   Jesus’ fingerprints on my spirit. Twice His. Incredible.

And last, but certainly not least, I have given myself to Him. In John 16:13 Jesus says, “…When He, the Spirit of truth shall come, He will guide you into all truth; for He will not speak on His own authority, but whatever He hears, He will speak…” By the Holy’s Spirit’s leading, I saw my need and gave myself to Jesus. The Holy Spirit’s fingerprints on my spirit. Thrice His.

My life, my salvation, my strength. Thrice His. Brilliant.

Ecclesiastes. 4:12b A threefold cord is not easily broken.

He Saw Me

download 09.02.2013 078

This morning as I was meditating on the absolute goodness of God, I was overcome with gratitude and the tears began to flow. I suddenly had a mental flash back to an incident years ago.

Each summer when they were young, my children spent six weeks with their biological father. It was a difficult time for my daughter for several reasons, not the least of which was old fashioned home-sickness.

One summer while they were away, Mike and I decided to ‘re-do’ their bedrooms to surprise them when they returned home.   We did Joel’s in NFL theme and he loved it. Tami’s reaction was, however, unexpected. I had created for her the bedroom I always wanted when I was a little girl, complete with canopy bed and homemade ruffled curtains.

When she walked into her room she stopped, stood there for a minute and began to cry.

“Well that went well,” I thought. “She hates it.”

Then she said between hiccups, “You didn’t have to do so much!”

What I had interpreted as displeasure, was exactly the opposite. She liked it so much she was overwhelmed.

That’s how I feel this morning before my loving, generous Heavenly Father. He didn’t have to do so much! But He did it anyway, because He loves me that much!

He gave His only begotten Son so I could spend eternity with Him. He gave me the presence of Holy Spirit to guide, teach and comfort me. He protects me (yes, Psalm 91 again), He is the gift that really does keep on giving, and giving, and giving.

Words will never be able to thank Him enough for His great generosity to me. When I think about it, I am simply reduced to tears of humility and overwhelming gratitude.

Dear Jesus, Blessed Savior, God’s Dear Begotten Son
What made You whisper, “Father, not my will,  but Thine be done?”
Did You see the coming anguish? Did You see what they would do?
He looked at me and smiled, “My child, I saw you”

Hebrews 12:2…for the joy that was set before Him, He endured the cross…


© Sharon E. Coleman 2014



Search Me Lord

Swans 03.26.2014 005b

Those of you who have followed my blogs over the past few weeks may be asking, “Is Psalm 91 the only thing she reads?”

The answer is, “No, but… ”

You see, The Lord does have me on a loop here, and until He says move on, I’ll stay.

As I was sitting with Him this morning, I found myself rather straining to figure out exactly how to ‘enter’ His secret place.  So I asked Him, “Papa, how do I enter Your secret place?”

I dearly love how He never says the expected, but He always answers out of His love for me.  He responded to my question by asking, “How does one enter your secret place?”

It dawned on me then. It was I who had barriers and conditions, not Him. I thought about those (rare) times when I had allowed complete access to my heart. The first thing I thought of was my grandchildren. They truly invaded the innermost recesses of my heart. I love them with complete and utter abandon. Up until that time I loved, and loved deeply, the Lord, my husband, my family, and my friends. But due to life’s hurts and hard knocks, I had unwittingly maintained a buffer around my heart to protect myself from more pain and loss.

Wow.  I was a little stunned with that revelation. I don’t need to strive to enter His secret place, but I do need to grant Him access to mine. How novel is that? How like my wonderful, loving Heavenly Father!

So I recruited the help of a good friend of mine. You may know Him, many call Him Holy Spirit, Jesus called Him Helper and Comforter. It is His supreme pleasure to facilitate an upgrade in our walk with Jesus, so He was only too pleased to help me.

Now I pray, “Papa, please enter and inhabit every part of my heart, every part. I know you love me with pure unfettered abandon. I also know that nothing I could do would make you love me more, and nothing I could do would make you love me less. However, now I can more freely receive and reciprocate that love. What an awesome, amazing and brilliant God I serve.”

Disappointment’s jagged scars
Yesterdays of fear and doubt
Search me Lord, You know my heart
Remove these chains that keep You out
I open wide the secret place
Invite You in; give You the key
The past is gone, the new is here
Possess the deepest parts of me
© Sharon E. Coleman

Return of the Swans

Swans 03.26.2014 001 b

Yes, the swans are back. They’ll only be here a few days before they go…someplace else. I don’t actually know where they go from here, I just know that every year at this time they return to the temporary pond across from our house for a few precious days. I look forward to their return, it announces spring to me. I don’t know what draws them here year after year, but they always come back. Every year I watch for them and just as I begin to despair that they may not return, there they are.

This month I have been experiencing technical difficulties that have kept me from my appointed social networking rounds. The rains have rendered the road to our house difficult to pass, keeping potential buyers from visiting. A new part time job has decreased the time I can devote to other tasks crying for my attention. The temptation to look at my circumstances instead of God’s faithfulness has at times overtaken me. Then yesterday, as I returned home from a wonderful writer’s conference, I approached our driveway, looked to my left, and there they were. The swans were back. Why did I doubt? It is their nature to return, they will always return. It may not be exactly when I think they should, or when I expect, but they will return.

Have you ever allowed your circumstance to obscure your view of Jesus? I have. But I am changing. I am learning to return my focus to who He is, rather than on my circumstances or what I think He should be doing.

Psalm 91 tells us: “His faithfulness shall be your shield and bulwark.”

We can depend on His faithfulness. We can count on it, trust it, believe it, rely on it, bank on it. He may not answer us when we want Him to or the way we think He should, but He will always answer. If He doesn’t answer initially, He will always answer eventually. Always. Always. Always. It is who He is, He never changes. What must change? The way I think, the thing upon which I focus.

The Joy of the Lord is my strength. Need joy? Spend time simply ‘being’ in His presence. Don’t do, just be. Love Him, Praise Him, soak in His presence. Like the swans always return, God will always meet you in the secret place of His presence.

 O Lord, remove this heart of stone
Remove my selfish thoughts of me
Let earth bound self-restraint be gone  
So You and You alone I see
© Sharon E. Coleman 2014

In His Shadow

Feb 19, 2014 006 In His Shadow 3 
Recently I watched a cute video on Facebook. The video showed several toddlers in the process of discovering their shadows. Some of the toddlers were fascinated, some were intimidated. But they all went through the motions of trying to detach themselves from their shadows.
Visible in one of the clips was the shadow of the parent who was taping his child. The parent reassured his child, “I’m right here,” he coaxed. “See, Daddy’s shadow is right here too.” 
Watching the video, I was reminded of Psalm 91 where we are told, “He who dwells in the secret place (shelter) of the Most High, will abide under the shadow of the Almighty.
In the context of Psalm 91,  it occurs to me that if I am under God’s shadow, it means He is right there! God’s shadow cannot detach itself from the presence of God, so if His shadow is there, so is He.  Just like that toddler’s father said, “I’m right here. See, Daddy’s shadow is here too.” So my loving Heavenly Father says to me, “I’m right here, see my shadow?”
I love the way my Heavenly Father talks to me. I love the way He reveals Himself to me through daily day events that suddenly become more. They become a conversation between us, causing me to know and appreciate Him in a new way. I have come to expect  those encounters as a normal part of my walk with Him. So can you.
May grace and peace be multiplied to you in the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord, as His divine power has given to us all things pertaining to life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him. (II Peter 1:2-4)
Be still and know Him…
©Sharon E. Coleman  2014