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The Eyes of the Beholder

Have you ever read a particular scripture that speaks to you over and over again? By that I mean, you glean numerous and different truths from the same passage? An inheritance word is a passage of scripture that leaps off the page and grabs your spirit, speaking to your own personal journey. That is a […]

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His Throne Room

Day is dawning swiftly now Soon night will slip away He waits! My Love, my Savior King Sleep must have no more sway Before the sun can kiss the sky And nod for day to start We’ll meet again, my Lord, my King In the throne room of my heart © Sharon E. Coleman 2014 […]

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Simple Living

June 18, 2014 074


  The textures and the colors in this tapestry called life Are found in each experience, whether it be joy or strife How oft our human hearts see only tangles, knots and snares And we wonder at the chaos caused by our worldly cares   Sometimes the threads are darker than we think they should […]

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