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Feb 19, 2014 006 In His Shadow 3

In His Shadow

    Recently I watched a cute video on Facebook. The video showed several toddlers in the process of discovering their shadows. Some of the toddlers were fascinated, some were intimidated. But they all went through the motions of trying to detach themselves from their shadows.   Visible in one of the clips was the […]

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His Throne Room

Day is dawning swiftly now Soon night will slip away He waits! My Love, my Savior King Sleep must have no more sway Before the sun can kiss the sky And nod for day to start We’ll meet again, my Lord, my King In the throne room of my heart © Sharon E. Coleman 2014 […]

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He Saw Me

This morning as I was meditating on the absolute goodness of God, I was overcome with gratitude and the tears began to flow. I suddenly had a mental flash back to an incident years ago. Each summer when they were young, my children spent six weeks with their biological father. It was a difficult time […]

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