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Like October Fog…

I love Autumn. I love the changing colors, the light sweater days, the smell of damp fallen leaves…and October fog. October fog isn’t like January fog that freezes to the roads and chills me to the bone. October fog whispers of the changing season. It gently folds itself around the valleys like my mother’s old […]

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Christmas Morning

     I share this every year, and the truth of it is still relevant. Just this week we saw on the news that a young boy was reunited with his mother after being held hostage and abused for four years. I love the Christmas season, but I want to be sensitive to those for whom it […]

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O What Love

O What Love

O what love this, to give what is most precious O what grace is, to give what’s needed most O what mercy, to give what I deserve not O what beauty, proclaimed by Heavenly Host What say I to such overwhelming passion? My response to such selfless acts as these? Shame and sorrow to trade […]

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